When putting together blog posts we look for products that we love the look of, that fit the blog topic. In most cases we have not used the product; rather, we are looking at the product from a design and story perspective – beautiful products that we would like to buy (if we had the budget and space!)

Whether the product is associated with an affiliate program does not affect our decision to showcase the product.

In a nutshell, when we find a product that we like, if the seller runs an affiliate program, we will join it if we haven’t already, and use the corresponding affiliate link. If the seller DOESN’T have an affiliate program we will still showcase the product regardless.

But, all things being equal, if the product is available at two stores and one of them has an affiliate program, we will most likely link to the store with the affiliate program, or to both stores in some cases.

I view affiliate programs as a great way for sellers to increase their profile and sales. They don’t have the same financial risk of pay per click advertising as sellers only pay for successful conversions.

Please see our terms and conditions for legal mumbo jumbo about these links and the rest of our website.